Hello and welcome.

I’m a Virtual Assistant providing administrative support, problem-solving, social media management, website & blog support. I have experience in the e-commerce world of Etsy, 13 years of content blogging, affiliate marketing, and passive income generation, plus 15+ years of analytical work experience.

Some of my core values are:

  • Exceed expectations
  • Be resourceful, have a “Can do” attitude
  • Keep an open mind, be curious
  • Be supportive, uplifting and motivating
  • Deliver on promises
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Most of all – be honest & be humble

With being a business owner and mom myself I too understand the value of time. That’s why I am motivated to give you back yours. My desire is to enable and empower you to have more time to do what you love.

Imagine what you could do with just a little free time on your hands? Seriously! Think about it!

I can get some time back for you by taking away your frustrations with social media, office management or just your daily “to-do’s”. This way, you can focus on your business, have more time to meet new clients and also have more time with the people you love. Your Family!

Some of my key Virtual Assistant Skills:

  • Etsy Shop Management
  • WordPress Blog Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Office Management
  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint & Word
  • Administrative Work
  • Teamwork

One of my favorite quotes:

“Life is a verb, not a noun” – Charlotte Perkins Gilman


Next Step….Contact me for details on how I can help you!